Leave Application For Marriage Ceremony l Application for Marriage Ceremony l

Leave Application For Marriage Ceremony l Wedding Ceremony l

A leave application for marriage should state the exact dates of leave, the reason why the leave is being requested (marriage ceremony and related activities), and any other relevant information. It should also include a contact number and email address in case of any further queries the employer may have.

It should also include any alternate contact numbers, in case the main applicant is not available, such as a family member or close friend who can be contacted during the wedding. The applicant must also provide evidence of their plans, such as travel and accommodation confirmations, to prove that their leave is genuine and approved.

Leave Application For Marriage Ceremony : Leave applications or letters for the wedding ceremony are some formats mentioned here. Formal way to a leave application request to the authority for leave is an official way to Work off and attend a wedding function.

Most Peoples take leaves to join the marriage ceremony of close relatives like brothers, cousins, sisters, wedding ceremony

Marriage Ceremony l Wedding Ceremony l
Example. 1 

To,                                                                                 Date-  

The Chief Executive Officer
Zilla Parishad

 Subject-  Leave Application for Marriage Ceremony.

 Respected Sir,

      With due respect I am pleased to inform you that my marriage ceremony will be on 12th December 2021. I am feeling blessed to tell you about this. Sir, I need twelve days leave for marriage arrangements and after marriage rituals. Kindly approve my holidays from 13th December to 24th December.

        It would be my privilege to invite you in this marriage ceremony event. Hope to receive a positive response from your side.

       Thanking you. 

Keshab Dutta
G.P.C. Bogolijan G.P.
Lakhimpur Development Block 


Copy to:-

1.       1. The Block Development Officer Lakhimpur Development Block for favour of his kind information.

2.      2. The Secretary Bogolijan Gaon Panchayat for information.


Example. 2


The Chief Executive Officer
Zilla Parishad

Subject- Two days leave application for wedding

Dear Sir,

I am writing this application to request a leave of absence from work for attending a marriage ceremony in my family. I would like to take leave from [Date] to [Date] to travel to the wedding venue and attend the various functions related to the wedding.

The wedding is taking place on [Date] at [Time] at [Location]. I have already made all the necessary arrangements to complete my pending work before taking leave. In case of any urgent work, I will be available over phone or email.

I am grateful to the organization and my manager for providing me with the opportunity to attend this family event. I assure you that I will complete all my work before I leave and will ensure that there is no delay in any ongoing projects.

Thank you for considering my request for leave. I look forward to returning to work and continuing to contribute to the organization.


[Your Name]

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