Show Cause Notice Reply

Show Cause Notice Reply :

A Show Cause Notice Reply is a concise response addressing allegations or concerns raised in a formal notice. It presents a clear and justified explanation, evidence, or corrective action to defend against the stated issues, aiming to resolve the matter and prevent further consequences. Here mentioned below the as a letter

The Block Development officer
Ghilamara Development Block
North Lakhimpur

Dated: -……………..

Sub: Your reference No: LDB / Rd / Estt-4/144/2020-21 dated 18/01/2024.

Show Cause reply


With due respect, I have submit my show cause reply as follows –

That, I Ranjit Das, Secretary of Ghilamara Gaon Panchayat, North Lakhimpur, Assam, who has received a show cause notice on 18/01/2024.

That, it has been mentioned in the show Cause notice that I have undertaken the unauthorized allocation of land bearing Patta No.12,13,14,15 and Dag No-85,87, 88,89 for the construction of RCC Bridge.

That, I have received an application from the applicant Raj Lahkar, Rajib Lahkar Mahanta, Biju Lahkar and Dipak Lahkar on 02/01/2024 for seeking permission for constructing a Bridge over the Gariyajan river near Niz Chinatolia under Ghilamara Gaon Panchayat.

That, after receiving an application from the above named applicant I have fully verified and given a no objection certificate to the applicant for constructing a RCC Slab Culvert at their own cost over the Gariyajan river near Niz Chinatalia.

That, there are no any allocation for the construction of RCC bridge over the said land from any specific legal authority and also there is no any approvals or sanctions obtained from the appropriate authorities, as per legal requirements. But at the request of the applicant to build the bridge at their own cost as they have been facing problem for transportation. I have given permission to build the RCC slab culvert over the Gariyajan river near Niz Chinatolia.

That, when giving the no objection Certificate, vide Memo No.- GGP / NOC /25/2023-2024/85 to the applicant there was a printing mistake which was to be rectify later on. The printing mistake was that instead of printing RCC Slab culvert it was printed as RCC bridge, which later on rectified and given another no objection Certificate on the very same date i.e. on 10/01/2024 and with the Same Memo No. – GGP / NOC/25/ 2023-2024/85.

After, that verified the original land it has found that the land is not included in Ghilamara Panchayat , so that I forcefully forfeited the given documents(NOC) from the this regards the applicant can’t use previous NOC letter on.

That, Sir I had not committed any offence or violate the prescribed norms of the office.

It is therefore your honour may kindly to condone my offence which had been done without my intention and knowledge, and also request you kindly to release me from my offence or faults.

NB: – Enclosed herewith-

  1. Application submitted by the applicant i) Raj Lahkar, ii) Rajib Lahkar Mahanta, iii) Biju Lahkar and iv) Dipak Lahkar.
  2. Jamabandi Copy of the said land bearing Patta No. 12,13,14 and 15 and Dag No 85,87,88, 89.
  3. Field verifying photo of the RCC Slab Culvert.
  4. No objection Certificate Issued by the office of the Ghilamara Gaon Panchayat, Ghilamara Lakhimpur, North Lakhimpur, Vide Memo no:- GGP/NOC/25/2023- 2024/85.

Ghilamara Gaon Panchayat

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