Application Format

Application Format


application is a formal written request. It may comprise of an enquiry, favour,
information, employment, complaints, etc. It should always be written in a modest tone with a mild approach, because it is the applicant, who wants his job done.One should always try and follow the rules of writing an application, as given in the following pages.


1. General Application:

This type or application encompasses people of every sector in its domain. Everyone, be
it a businessman, a housewife, an officer, a teacher, an employee, an employer,a student, who are a part of the modern world, faces such circumstances in general life that it becomes mandatory for them to write such an application to fulfil their day-to-day needs.The subject matter of their applications may be varied viz. asking for loans,seeking leaves, providing reasons for absence, etc.

2. Business Application:

Business application is a silent ambassador of a business firm. It represents a firm
through a piece of paper. It also helps in widening the business and promoting sales by
bringing buyers and sellers together in local, national and international market.

3. Official Application:

Application addressed to officials is the most formal of all other types, and it generally
begins with formal phrases such as “I have the honour to call your attention to”, etc.
The form and style of official correspondence is always formal and stereotyped.


1. The writer’s address and date
2. The address of the addressee
3. The salutation
4. Body of the application – the communication or message
5. Subscription of complimentary close
6. The signature
7.Name of the writer/ designation
8. Enclosures and postscript, if there are any.

Application Format
Application Format

Application Format
Application Format
Application Format
Application Format

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