Application for medical leave I Leave application for medical treatment

  1. Application for medical leave I


    The principal                           Dated:  Oct. 20 -2020
Tata Memorial College,
Mumbai – 6

Sub:  Application for medical leave

Dear Sir,

             Last evening, I paid a visit to Dr. Hari Chandra Das, a Cardiologist, Due to pain in my chest. He has advised me bed rest for a week, along with few more medical check- ups. I, therefore, will not be able to attend duty in the college for ten days. Hence I would be obliged, if you grant me medical leave w .e .f 11. 10. 20 to 21. 10. 2020 I shall submit the medical certificate for the aforesaid days, when I rejoin my duty.

            Thanking you,

     Yours  Sincerely,
     Manoj Kumar Jha
Dept. of philosophy

2. Application for medical leave

    The Head Master                                                                 Dated: June-10-2022
    Lakhimpur Collegiate School
    North Lakhimpur
            Sub:- Application for Medical leave
Respected Sir,
           I am Jyoti Kumar Das, of your School Teacher, Unfortunately last evening I visit the doctor due to my right hand pain. He has advised me rest for a week, along with few more medical check-ups. I therefore, will not be able to attend duty in the school for seven days. Hence I would be much obliged if you could grant me Seven days medical leave w.e.f.  10.03.2021 to 17.03.2021.
  Thanking You.
  Yours Sincerely
  Jyoti Kumar Das
 Class Teacher/ Subject Teacher
 (Class ix) [ General Science ]

3. Application for sick leave .

Date: 19.07.20………
The Principal,
Don Bos School,

Sub : Application for Sick leave.

Dear Sir,
Since last evening, I have been suffering from high fever and severe body ache accompanied by vomiting. I have to meet a doctor at the earliest and get the necessary medical treatment. Therefore I request you to grant me sick leave w.e.f. 20.07.20….. to 25.07.20…..
Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Jitu Ahmed
Class Teacher/Subject Teacher
(Class IV)

4. Casual leave application.

                                                                               Date: Jan. 15, 20…..
The Headmistress,
St Mary’s High School,

Sub: Application for casual leave.

Dear Madam,

I am planning to take my husband to International Hospital at Guwahati, for a thorough medical check-up as he has been suffering from some trouble in the kidneys. Therefore, I would be much obliged if you could grant me three days of casual leave w.e.f 16.2.20…….to 19.2.20…… .
Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Mantu Kalita
Class Teacher/Subject Teacher
(Class V) (English)

5. Leave Application for Medical Treatment
To                                                                                                          Date:18.07.2023
The Chief Executive officer
Lakhimpur Zilla Parishad,
North Lakhimpur
          (Through the Block Development Officer, Lakhimpur Development Block)
Sub: Application for Medical leave
With due respect, I am writing to formally request a leave of absence from work to attend to my son’s medical treatment. It is with great concern that I inform you about his medical condition, which necessitates immediate attention and care.
          I kindly request a leave of absence from work starting from 19.07.2023 to 21.07.2023 as I need to accompany my son for his medical treatment, which requires traveling out of the district. I will provide any necessary documentation, such as medical certificates or appointment letters, to validate the purpose of my absence.
        Therefore, I would like to request you to kindly grant my leave for Three days.
         Thanking you
         Yours faithfully,
      Shri Dhrubajyoti Das
Dejoo Gaon Panchaya
Copy to for information:-
1. Copy to Block Development Officer, Nowboicha Development Block
2. Copy to President Dejoo , Dejoo Gaon Panchayat.

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